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23rd March 2011


Myself Through Multiple Lenses

Right- A longtime acquaintance who is really more of a friend: "You’re a freaking sweetheart and I love spending time with you. You’re are wise and intelligent beyond your years. Something I envy much. And I hope to marry someone half as amazing as you are. :) I’m glad we’re friends." [Dated 20110322]

Left- A sort-of friend who is really more of an acquaintance: "Past experience has shown that comforting is not your strength…. Honestly, despite my careful wordings here, you have intentionally been an asshole. I don’t know how much of that was put on in some attempt to cajole me, and how much of it revealed your true feelings, but the truth is you haven’t set yourself up for my trust now as a friend." [Dated 20110320]


I chose these quotes for a number of reasons. Currency and close timeframe of receipt, for starters. Also because both people are the same gender, and both share similar circumstances and challenges. Also because I was the same exact man toward both, and reacted to each as I was reacted upon in the course of our interactions.

In spite of anything I can tack up here about myself, this is a reflection of myself through the eyes of others as the sum of their reflections upon me.

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