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18th May 2014

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18th May 2014

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9th November 2013

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eveofoctober said: You've prob had this question asked before, but would your wife let you fuck other girls?


We had talked about couples joining us as well as me fucking other women but there were some insecurities on her side.  So when we started down this path the first hurdle was really all about getting her to fuck other guys and becoming more comfortable with the whole idea. 

Once that had happened a few times, almost always with me there and joining in, she became more confident and secure and eventually she was the one who arranged for me to fuck another woman (while she fucked a guy in the same room) for my birthday. :)  

However, it was never really a question of her letting or denying me fucking another woman, but more a question of would she be comfortable and secure in our relationship if I did so. I wouldn’t have fucked another woman if that wasn’t the case.  

I’m dominant in our relationship, and although I test her boundaries often it’s done within a framework of extremely strong trust and love which I would never violate.

 You look fantastically sexy in your avatar by the way :)

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6th September 2013

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OMG. The way she looks at and talks to hubby is exactly what I want my wife to do!!!!!!!




What he said

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4th August 2013

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18th January 2013

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The Saga Continues!

(which is to say, she got home and texted me with order to get on my computer and chat)

LGS: So, do you want to know the story or continue the fight from earlier?

Me: storyyyyyyy

LGS: Ok, wellllllll there was some guy who was just adorable.  He got me to make out with him 19 times, ‘cause of my thing against even numbers.  I told him I was in an open relationship and he seemed ok with it with it.  I don’t trust my judgement anymore though. But he said he was captivated by me.  And that i was beautiful.  And that he didn’t want to leave me side.

Which was nice to hear.  

And he didn’t leave it either, until he had to drag his drunk friend home.  But all in all a good night.  He seemed nice, and I gave him AND the hot girl my number.

I’m more excited about the hot chick.  At least i think she’s hot.  She might be white too.

But anyways, my vagina does not discriminate. And I let a white guy touch my hair.  I’m not militant when I’m wasted.

This has been the LGS story hour for weekend.  I don’t think I have a single thing to add.  But we’re supposed to see a movie tomorrow, and if I’m late I might have to surrender the blog to some new guy.

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24th May 2012

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I especially like the words “secure” & “uninhibited”. Though I know it is typically white women and black men in the stereotype. So I suppose in our case, it would be reverse cuckold? Why’s it gotta be racial? And who says only SHE gets to swing?

It’s so easy to get judged socially by people when your orientations or choices aren’t mainstream. People scoff at what they’re secretly ignorant about or jealous of. I dunno- or it doesn’t float their boat. But that’s no reason to judge, or be proud of not understanding. The trust, security and strength of the relationship is really a driving factor in the idea.


An interracial cuckold party scene from the FX series Nip/Tuck.  This is a fascinating peak at the BBC lifestyle, and it illustrates how this lifestyle should be pursued by secure, uninhibited couples rather by than fragile, insecure ones. Also, a big party like this one is probably too much for a newbie couple, who can suffer from sensory overload especially if they’ve never been to any type of swing party before.

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