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24th May 2012

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I especially like the words “secure” & “uninhibited”. Though I know it is typically white women and black men in the stereotype. So I suppose in our case, it would be reverse cuckold? Why’s it gotta be racial? And who says only SHE gets to swing?

It’s so easy to get judged socially by people when your orientations or choices aren’t mainstream. People scoff at what they’re secretly ignorant about or jealous of. I dunno- or it doesn’t float their boat. But that’s no reason to judge, or be proud of not understanding. The trust, security and strength of the relationship is really a driving factor in the idea.


An interracial cuckold party scene from the FX series Nip/Tuck.  This is a fascinating peak at the BBC lifestyle, and it illustrates how this lifestyle should be pursued by secure, uninhibited couples rather by than fragile, insecure ones. Also, a big party like this one is probably too much for a newbie couple, who can suffer from sensory overload especially if they’ve never been to any type of swing party before.

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